Fred Frees Unleashed!!

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Welcome to Fred Frees Unleashed, a voiceover website, where you will hear voices and characters ranging from the very serious to the most ridiculous. Whether it's the hard sell or the soft sell, comforting and soothing, instructional and informative, or  zany and wacky; Fred Frees can deliver what you need. Sit back and enjoy what everyone has been waiting for...Fred Frees Unleashed!!

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 "Having worked with Fred in the booth, I can tell you that he has a wonderfully distinct sound and takes direction well.  And I can also say without reservation that Fred can deliver uncannily accurate recreations of the character voices his father, the industry pioneer and icon, Paul Frees created and made Fred is a really nice guy and easy with which to work!"--Nick Omana (Voice over Actor/Director)

You can always reach Fred at 818.635.2104!


      "Fred Frees has more talent in his little pinky than most actors have in their whole body. If you want a multi-faceted voice actor who brings more to a project than you ever hoped for, Fred's your man."--Marc Cashman (Voice over Actor/Instructor)
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